Preparing the Bed,Bath,and Beyond….

10 MONTHS, It took us 10 MONTHS to get the Bedroom, and Bathroom in a livable condition to move in. Notice something missing? Yes, we moved in without a kitchen but I’ll get to that in a later post… The bathroom had the most horrible smell and the floor made crunching sounds when you walked on them. The walls and ceiling had large gaps in between the old bead-board,  you could see light shining through them. It had an old vanity and lighting from the 70’s and the toilet was gross and if you were to sit on it , it wobbled. The one good thing it had, was the original claw-foot tub.The feet were slightly rusted, the tub was painted hunter green, as were all the walls and the ceiling. I loved the original bead-board, though  installed horizontally which I thought was unusual. The bedroom had a makeshift built-in closet along the back wall, next to an old sliding glass-door. The chimney had stucco covering the brick. The floor, covered  with dead mud daubers  along with the rest of the house. The odd thing in this room was how there were two A/C ducts protruding from the ceiling and exiting out the wall, providing air to the backroom. Here are some pics;

The Bedroom is still a work in progress; This is what we have done so far…

1.  Gut the Walls, removed the make-shift closet and removed stucco from the chimney

2.  Relocated A/C  wiring from outside and disconnected the two protruding ducts

3.  Replaced window with new custom, double pane, low E, double hung, 2 over 2 lights to match original

4.  Removed the sliding door and installed a new French door leading to the back porch

5.  Ran plumbing to the upstairs, added more electrical outlets and switches, added insulation to outside walls

6.  Hung new drywall, finished walls, primed and painted walls and ceiling

7.  Replaced ceiling fan and re-finished floors

To complete this room we need to;

1. Restore and re-install all trim and window sill

2. Restore and paint door leading to living room

3. Install new crown moulding

4. Build a closet

5. Decorate

Follow here to see the progress on this room…

2 thoughts on “Preparing the Bed,Bath,and Beyond….

    • Yes Asia,like says, “I never said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it”! Thanks for liking my blog and Congrats on the new home, have fun!

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