A “Must tell” Story about the Bathroom…..

The bathroom was the first room completed because ya just can’t live without it (although my husband still loves to pee off the front porch) and just about anywhere on the property, boys will be boys :D…I admit I would love an outdoor shower !! We do live out in the country and have lots of privacy after all. Anyways, the bathroom dark, creepy and smelly as it was, it did have all of the original bead-board ceiling and walls, claw-foot tub and trim (5 1/2″ wide door casing, plinth blocks, rosette corner blocks, and 9 1/2″ tall baseboard) very  cool, love, love, love…

Original Trim "Before"

Original Trim “Before” Mud dauber nest and all, looks pretty bad doesn’t it? This is why it had to be stripped.

I knew I wanted to restore and use all of them, I also wanted to keep the floors if we could, but unfortunately, they were rotten. We gutted everything, because there wasn’t any insulation, not  enough electrical outlets and we wanted to rearrange the plumbing fixtures. Painstakingly I removed all of the trim and bead-board taking care to keep the tongue and grooves for reuse, luckily it was a successful job, Yeah! Then we redesigned the floor layout, electrical and plumbing.

Bathroom Floor Layout Redesigned

Bathroom Floor Layout Redesigned

The complete floor was removed and replaced with new, but I distressed the new flooring with a hammer, chains and an awl (crazy? no I think not, it had to look more like the original) then I decided to paint the floor (made of yellow pine, not oak) but I wanted it to have a design, something classic, something french inspired, so I came up with the elongated diamond pattern with the blue, grey and black color. I thought it would make the room feel larger and special.

Handpainted Floor

Handpainted Floor

I also choose white for all the walls , ceiling and trim for the ” larger”  effect. I decided on two different wall paper designs; a classic blue and cream “french toile” and a classic tone on tone damask in shades of grey. We had the tub re-finished and the tub feet nickel-plated, I ordered the sink, toilet and the faucets, purchased lighting and the exhaust fan. The cabinet above the toilet was an original piece that we saved from the demolished backroom. It fit perfectly in the space, I had glass shelves made to fit and painted it white, although it did not have a back to it, I liked seeing the wallpaper behind it.

After, a place to store all the stuff

After, a place to store all the stuff

Then we had to painstakingly strip all the trim and bead-board  (thankfully, I had help with this, Melanie, could not have completed this on my own) and Steve, you are the greatest! Gary (my wonderful husband) wired and insulated the room and helped Steve with the plumbing. The drywall went in and I finished the walls and  installed the wallpaper.  The bead-board was re-installed vertically, then the trim and  the shelving added  around the tub area. Sanded, primed and painted everything! After sanding and priming the floor, I measured and drew the design with a pencil then painted and coated with polyurethane. We installed the lights, fan and mirror, next the tub, toilet, water heater and sink went in, then finally tp and towel holders, and Voila!!! Pheww! I’m exhausted just writing about all of this! In case you missed the previous post, please check it out to see the before and after pic’s.

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