Show and Tell…

This is a special post due to a comment I received from Carol at She asked,” What is the cupboard/doorway above the pantry?” in my latest post, And then there was a kitchen…Well this was a great idea my husband had when we knew we would be replacing the back door leading to the porch. It was damaged and I wanted a french door, so we salvaged the old door (lower section) using it for a new storage area in the top section of the pantry. The original corner pantry had a ceiling of 11’2″ and was not accessable, so it was wasted space. In these old houses there is never enough storage space, so a hole had to be cut in the wall above the pantry, we installed a light , floor and the modified door and “voila!”, additional storage. He is a very clever man.


The extra storage area is used for mostly seldom used small appliances, decorative Christmas dishware etc. Yes, it can only be accessed using a ladder but if I ask nicely, my wonderful husband helps me out and I get to enjoy the view….

Honey, Please get me the Punch Bowl...

Honey, Please get me the Punch Bowl… Oh and the Pressure Cooker… Oh and the pasta maker..etc….etc..etc….

Please always feel free to ask me questions anytime, I love hearing from you and maybe you will receive a special post too, Thanks Carol

6 thoughts on “Show and Tell…

  1. Thanks for sharing the info and the link to my blog. If I had ventured a guess, it would have been a clever and much prettier access to attic space. I think this was a marvelous idea!

    • Thanks for lovin’ our back door. No, I try to only store things up there that I use very seldom, once or twice a year, climbing that ladder can be dangerous….Love your paintings…

    • Thanks, so glad you stopped for a visit, Sonya, my husbands idea for that storage and he did do an awesome job on the ceiling. His neck still hurts everytime he looks at it so he truly appreciates the comments as well. Thanks again

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