Spring Fever is Here!!!

Spring is here in Texas, Gary and I have been busy working outside, taking advantage of the mild weather to get some ongoing projects completed, started and hopefully completed, because here in Texas, summer will be here before you know it and it will be purgatory time (100+ degree) until October. We have worked on the chicken coop, the garden, and now doing some painting and staining on the exterior of the house. Yes, it seems we always have at least 3 or 4 projects going on at the same time… And did I mention we picked up over 100 pallets this morning for some future projects. Yay, really excited about this 😀 😀 :D.

The chicken coop project has been an ongoing one , it started with turning our unused doghouse and an unused pig pen into a small chicken coop, and Gary did a great job with it, it’s very cute, just what I had in mind. Then he got even more creative and built an extra lean-to type covered area to keep their feed dry, turned out very nice.

Then he built them some extra shade with outdoor perches, they love as well.

Unfortunately we lost a few chickens, first to hawks, while they were free roaming in the yard, then opossums, digging under the fence, so we began enclosing their area a little more and Gary put down some old tin roofing all along the outside to keep the opossums from digging under. Then we lost another to raccoons climbing over and into the coop area, so for now we lock them up each night into the little cute doghouse and let them out every morning. The coop is  still a work in progress until we get a secured roof on top, so as long as we are home every night, we are able to lock them up and let them out each day, it works for now. Some Happy Chickens….


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31 thoughts on “Spring Fever is Here!!!

  1. Love this! We’re going to be raising pigs this year and it is my hope to add a few chickens to the mix next year. They’ll need a coop and this looks charming and functional.

    • Hello Leisa, thanks for loving our cute little chicken coop, we currently have 7 chickens using it, and they are quite comfy in there, they often share the same nesting box. They have been so much fun for us, we truly enjoy relaxing in the evening and just watching them, we have named them all, love the fresh eggs they give us everyday!

  2. I am full of smiles…. those are blessed chickens and happy owners! Cute chicken condo and pictures. Looking forward to watching your blog bloom and grow too.

  3. Your coop is sweet! I turned an old playhouse into a chicken coop last year. I’m loving having chickens and am adding 3 more this year. How do you keep your chickens cool in your hot Texas summers?

    I’d love it if you would share this at “What We Accomplished Wednesday,” at Green Willow Pond. It is live Tuesdays at about 6:00 EST. Have a great week!


    • Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment, we just got our chicks this past winter, not yet sure how they will do this summer, but we do free range them on about a 2 acre area and they will find shade under our house, shed and various out buildings. I will see you Tuesday!

  4. Love that you were able to reuse that doghouse! My hubby and I have joined the wonderful world of backyard chicken owners…almost. We have the coop and will be getting the chicks soon!

    • Thanks for liking and commenting, Luisa, when our sweet Jessie was alive she never used it much, once she passed, it was just sitting there, taking up space in the shed, so we got creative with it and it works out great! Hope you enjoy your chicks as much as we have!

  5. Oh my word, this is so clever. I love it. Everyone seems to be into raising chickens and this is such a great coop. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  6. I just found this post at CCC party at MRL!
    I own chickens this will be our second summer with them. You’re right…HOT Texas summers are on the way.
    I love this little dog house chicken coop. We built our first chicken coop out of scraps and some new stuff. It has held up pretty well! We are currently working on our 2nd batch of Nugget chickens for the freezer. I’d love to have a ‘guest house’ for these chickens. The last set of nuggets we had never went into our coop except to eat …the always roosted in the trees. I didn’t really like that set up, since it left them vulnerable to predators. Getting them into their tractors at night was always hard.

    This little dog house turned coop is ideal…we only have 6 chicks this time…so it would be perfect!
    Glad I found you… I’m in NorthEast Tx— right on the line between North East Texas and South East Texas…he he he! very southern tip of Kaufman County, very near Navarro (Corsicana)
    It’s always nice to meet new neighbors!

    • Hi Pat, Thank you so much for visiting, I’m glad you love our coop, it should work perfect for you. We locked them in with food and water for 2-3 days so they would realize, that is where they are to roost before letting them free range, it worked for us! Good luck to you! Thanks so much for the comment, nice to meet you as well, neighbor!

  7. I forgot about that little trick….lock them up for a time. I did that with my initial set of hens and chicks when I first got them. Then, again with The Nuggets (we kept 2 after we killed the others) We introduced them to the flock at night and locked them up for about 1 week or so. It worked like a charm. They all go into the coop now!
    I’m new at all the chickens and homesteading…and I’m just learning. So this little reminder was great.

  8. add a turkey we haven’t had any racoons into our yard since we started raising some turkeys with our chickens. we have a breeding pair of heritage Blue Slates. our chicks are just starting to hatch.

    • That’s an idea, we thought about adding a rooster, a duck or goose, not sure thou that we want them to have the run of the place, need to add more fenceing. As we speak, I have 3 chickens on my back porch grooming themselves and peering in thru the glass door, I bet if I open the door they will come right into the kitchen!!!:D Thanks for visiting and leaving a great comment!

  9. made a coup for the turkeys using 3 pallet. my husband had a video of us putting it together. I will look for the link and post it later. we have since modified it a little.

  10. What a lovely little chicken coop! Great job 🙂 I can’t believe opossums got your chickens! When we had ours, we had a pair of opossums hanging out for awhile; one time we found one of them actually perched in the coop with the chooks, but he never hurt them. We finally trapped them and moved them to some woods a few miles away. Texas opossums must be scarier than Georgia opossums 😉

  11. I’m trying to get my chicken coop floor fixed up. I had chickens before and really miss them. But yes, I have had trouble with oppossums too. If you have a good sized rooster the hawks will think twice. My rooster Zeb, was chest to chest with a Sharp Shinned Hawk. Silly hawk didn’t know he was 1/3 the size of the rooster. Reminded me of Foghorn Leghorn and the little chicken hawk. Good luck with yours! Sounds like you’re thinking of everything. 🙂

  12. Chickens aren’t allowed in the city where I live but if they were, and I could have a chicken coop I would hope it could be as cute as yours. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

    • Your so welcome Pam, we truly enjoy having our girls, don’t know why we waited so long to get them. Thanks again, hope you will stop by again soon!

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