Kitchen,as you see it from the dining room

And Then There Was A Kitchen….

Whoa, Not so fast, It wasn’t that easy…Here are the before pictures;

It had the same Hunter Green bead-board walls and ceiling as the Bathroom did, old (but not original) cheapo cabinets, one large window    (where I needed a stove), one small window (without a view of the Gigantic Oak tree in the back), a chimney (where I needed a refrigerator). This all had to be changed. So, you guessed it , we gutted it and started over. The bead-board was again painstakingly removed, we replaced the windows and door, added more electrical outlets, re-worked the plumbing, insulated, installed new drywall;

This was the temporary kitchen, don’t you just love those red socks..;)

Once it got too cold and the dining room walls enclosed, we moved the temporary kitchen into the dining room and I had to wash dishes in the bathtub, which was actually  better than lugging the hot water, the dishes and the food out to the porch. Ok, here are the after pictures of the kitchen;

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21 thoughts on “And Then There Was A Kitchen….

  1. This is beautiful! I love how you painted the trim and doors a different color! I am a new follower from southern charm! I hope you will come by and check my blog out and hopefully want to follow me back! Have a great day, Nicole!

  2. I love your summer kitchen but I love your new indoor kitchen more! It is a lovely restoration that suits the original era in which the house was built but is also completely modern. Loves…

    • Thank You Karen for lovin my kitchens, whenI look back to those days of cooking on the old front porch, I know that memory will stay with me forever…

    • Hey Carol,Thanks so much for visiting,commenting and the question, your question inspired me to write a new post. Please check it out….”Show and Tell”

    • Well Krista, this was a fun project, It took me awhile to fiqure out how to cut this to fit tightly around all of the trim and windowsills. Actually this is made of a plastic material (made to look like tin). It cuts easily and sticks on with construction adhesive. I had to make patterns out of paper, then trace and cut to fit each 18″x24″ panel. Thanks for visiting and the nice comment!

    • Hello Carol, Thank You, we had the door custom made to open “out” instead of inward, like normal to avoid it opening into the small kitchen (better traffic flow). I found the stained glass piece at a local antique shop, and I was thrilled that it was the perfect size to replace the clear glass which came with the door. I only had to install some trim and seal it in place. Again, thanks for lovin’ my door :D.

    • Hi Laura, Thanks so much for stopping by,The Kitchen floor was a fun project for me, glad you enjoy it as much as I. I checked out photos of your home, just Beautiful!

  3. Wow wow wow. Love the trim color and that you stayed true to an old house but made it more current. I am crazy for the floor treatment as well. Nicely done. So glad you shared this on BeColorful. Sorry for being so long in stopping by to comment.

    • Thank you Pam, I love using color in my home to provide a feeling, the colors in my kitchen make me feel comfy. The floor project was so much fun for me, glad you enjoy it!

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